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Why should you be allowed to wear clothes? I didn't think you had an answer!

In my playroom you are naked. It is as simple as that. However, I choose to be clothed, and enjoy how your naked body reacts to each and every different outfit I wear. Today I am feeling very dark. I have on thigh high platform black boots. I'm sure you wish to be down on your knees in front of them already. Looking up from my boots, you see my leather miniskirt next. A red and black boned corsette add a bit of sexy color to my attire. Elbow length leather gloves are certainly the perfect accessory today!

But, look at you, completely naked and unable to hide your excitement. I have indicated that I will be playing with your body tonight. Will I have my Mistress friends over? How will I use you? There is only one way to find out, now, isn't there? Pick up the phone, call 800-356-6169, and come to my playroom. Be naked.